03202008 - My name is Dr. Joe Butler, but you can call me Joe. This is the start of my blog. I don't know what to say, as I have never had a blog before. Anyways, I hope that you enjoy my website: www.gossys.org. Let me know what you think of it. You can email me at: drjb5129@gossys.org. Thanks for viewing this site.


03252008 - Some people have asked me about my 'Me & the VA' page. The question put is: Why didn't the VA pay for my cancer operations? Well, I didn't know about the VA when I had prostate cancer. Only after I had run out of money, did a friend of mine suggest the VA. In 1998, I applied to the VA to take care of my medical needs, give me a pension, and submit a disability claim. I'm still fighting with the VA on the disability claim and there is no end in sight. Unfortunately, there is no policing for the VA methodology, so other veterans and I are suffering because of the long wait for confirmation of disability. On another note, I'm about to have my next operation: removal of my gall bladder. I've had so many medical operations, I can't remember what the count is anymore. Such is life. Well, on to other things. I've just had confirmation today, from the US Patent Office on another of my inventions. I will update this website when I have the written proof.
04032008 - I have received a postcard from the US Patent Office confirming my latest invention. The date was changed to reflect the documented date. A Bulletin Board has been added to my website. Not any traffic yet, but I expect that when I have my website promoted, there will be a lot of traffic generated. Still checking my website for any discrepancies before promotion. Oh, my gall bladder operation is on June 12th. Just another fly in the ointment. I'll be glad to get this operation done, as I hope that it will alleviate a lot of my chronic pain. Have to wait and see.
10282008 - Well, it's been a long time since I updated this website. I have been in and out of the hospital pretty much lately. Still not happy with the VA, as my disability claim is now in Washington, DC. Funny, I signed paperwork over 2 years ago, for my records to be reviewed in DC, and then I find out that my records were still in Oakland CA, all this time! I even had to attend another hearing at Oakland. I also found out that there are now 2 judges working on my claim! What a screw-up! The VA doesn't even know what the hell they are doing. Anyways, my gall bladder operation was a success, and I am over that. I am going into the hospital for an operation on my back, this Nov. I also have received another patent, on a new method to find primes. In the process of doing this, I also have proved many of the prime conjectures that have been a puzzle for centuries. It's done now, and as I write this, the white paper is being presented to a few universities in Sacramento CA. It will be interesting to find out what other mathematicians have to say about it. I'm sure it's going to create a ruckus. I hope that I get a good review.
04232009 - I have received a denial from the Veteran Affairs on my VA claim. Now, I am trying to find a lawyer that will represent me, in the Veteran Court of Appeals. Sometimes I wonder where the VA officials get their education, as I presented more than enough physical evidence to show that Agent Orange was used in Panama. Hell, Monsanto, a business that created Agent Orange; is located in Panama City, Panama! Anyways, I am now awaiting my next two operations; the first one is on my right knee for a torn meniscus, and the other is my right shoulder for a bad rotator cusp. I have put on hold my efforts to create a business with the compression/decompression software package, as it is too trying for me to start a new business. I am now looking for a buyer to purchase the software outright from me. The patio garden idea is still good, as I am still working to make it a better product. That's the latest and greatest for now.
10232010 - I have private lawyers representing me against the VA in Washington DC now. The VA has stated that I am 'incompetent' to state that Agent Orange was used in Panama. My lawyers laughed at that, as there is plenty of evidence that I have included in my claim, and there is plenty of data on the internet, besides the VA's own database showing that veterans have been exposed to Agent Orange in Panama. The lawyers have written a brief to have those statements stricken out of the case. Now my claim is in front of a judge, outside of the VA. The lawyers state that my case is still winnable, as I should receive a favorable decision by the end of this year. As of April of this year, I am now at 100% disability. But, my power of attorney (POA), which is DAV, really didn't help me get this 100%. I had to do all the research, write ups, and follow ups; myself.

I have reached the point of my life, where I am tired, bored and frustrated most of the time. There is not much that holds my interest anymore. My best friend, Charlie Foster, passed away last May, and I really don't have someone of his intelligence to debate with. Still looking though. 

My medical conditions are getting worse. My back is the primary culprit right now. I have had multiple sets of cortisone shots, and there is no relief in sight. Don't know what the doctors are going to do about this. Oh, the VA has a new policy about seeing your primary doctor. It seems that you can't see him before your allotted appointment. I've tried as I had some major medical issues that needed to be addressed. No luck. I'm sure the rest of the veterans are going to complain about this new methodology.